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- Plenty of parking, modern building, uptown location

- Brand new space built based on 10 years experience. Our goal was to create the most beautiful boutique.

- greeted when you walking in the door, show you your room

- Only customer in the main showroom at one time

- Youll have time to hand pick your styles before the next guest arrives

- intimate private experience

- alone, try on in private

- during your appointment the consultant will also give recommendations

- off to your private room with you and your guests to try on your dream dresses

-  we keep a wide range of sample sizes

- you can change alone and then once your in your gown than the consultant will clip and pin you to show you the fit. 

- Our senior consultants have been helping girls with fittings for over 10 years. 

- finding your dream dress is a feeling, when you skip it on you just know its the one. Nothing else will compare to this moment.

- Once you find your dream dress the payment would be 50% deposit to order. The balance can be paid as you wish. The dress will arrive 4-6 months later. 

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